LaRissa Marie ~ 

Divine Connection Through Sacred Self Care

Ceremonialist ~ Community Herbalist ~ Monthly Women's Circles 


Together we will:


> reincorporate cyclical nature into our modern lives through the phases of the moon, come to understand how to energetically flow best with each cycle and season


>  pay homage to the elemental directions through an understanding of what each energy carries and how to utilize them in rituals and daily routine


> harness the power of herbal plant medicine to support our physical and spiritual vessels in sync with the seasons and cycles of life


> practice self-care rituals and the art of wild crafting


> embrace the innate wisdom within, leaning into the soft whisper of the Divine Spirit



Spirit Led Offerings


Meet me under the New Moon & let's co-create with the cosmos!

You're invited, along with other likeminded magical women to gather in sacred circle at my shop in Breckenridge Colorado. If you can not attend in person, you will receive a link to the monthly Moon letter with ways to flow with the energy of that Moon cycle, an elemental ritual and suggested cards pulls/journal prompts.

Free to join!



Connect with your Higher Self to spark the change the soul craves. 

We will start by calling in the directions, your Spiritual counsel (Guides/Angels/Allies), creating a sacred space as we drop in and pull cards for the medicine you need to hear in that moment.

60 minute reading via Zoom for $155, includes the following:

~ Follow up Email with tangible action plan customized to you
~ Suggested herbs and rituals to support your personal growth cycle
~ Recorded session for reflection



Let's gather in the ether. 

With your permission, as a conduit, I will pull a spread based on either the questions you submit or a general reading, offering wisdom from your Spiritual Counsel on the medicine you need to hear. 

$56 Includes the following:

~ Recorded session of pulls
~ Suggested herbs and rituals to support your personal growth cycle


Hey luv,

Raised to live a "Spirit led" life, as a mixed child was wildly confusing at times as it was not only two different cultures/races but different "Religions" as well. My mother's side in traditional Christian/Non Denominational churches while my fathers side pulled from Indigenous practices of Brujeria, Spirituality, Earth Cycles and Energy work.

From confusion to a place of acceptance, I have stepped into my role as a bridge. Offering a unique perspective from my journey dancing between the worlds, finding common threads in humanity, Spirituality and the honoring of ancient ways. Forever a student myself, I am continually building on my backgrounds in YTT Yoga, Breath work, and Community Herbalism while continuing to Priestess the land, offering support and serving women in community as best I can.

Over the years I have served thousands of women who have sat in my chair, noticing a reoccurring theme. Disconnection to Self, Spirit and Nature, often leading to anxiety and depression. Guiding women in rediscovering the strength of their intuition, developing their direct connection to the Divine, the wisdom of their womb and to the seasons/cycles of nature has become a passion of mine and is my soul's calling!  

Honing in my intuition that has led to the success of my career, flourishing in business thru and beyond Covid times. 

"The research shows that executives apply their intuition in order to gain confidence in decision making. Listening to their body signals can also improve their intuitive awareness, complimenting their use of data and analytics when making executive decisions." (, 2018)

Often times the missing link in any area of life is our avoidance to listen to or be guided by our intuition. Developing and honing this innate gift helps us to make  conscious shifts, leading us to  flourish in all areas of our lives. 

I currently reside in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with my husband and critters. My shop is located in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Are you ready to flourish?

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synderesis :¬†syn¬∑‚Äčde¬∑‚Äčre¬∑‚Äčsis


the essence of the soul that unites with the Divine Creator
the spark of Divinity in the soul